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Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Indore believes that entrepreneurship is not just about starting companies, but a pathway towards India�s socio-economic development. Our vision is to make students and faculty �entrepreneurial� in every work that they do. We hope to enable them to solve global challenges as we see students as the greatest capital and intend to nurture them, provide them with opportunities for excellence.

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E-Cell aims to unlock students� latent inventive potential. Not only do we show you the doors of opportunity but we also equip you to walk through it. Through our conference, social events, lectures, speaker engagements and workshops, we're hoping to bring together everyone interested in the startup world and to help students best utilize resources to found or join startups..


E-Summit is the flagship event conducted by E-Cell, IIT Indore. It�s a conclave of competitions, workshops, panel discussions and speeches from the biggest names in the world of business.

Lecture Series

Discover, learn, develop skills that every entrepreneur requires in his journey. A chance to learn from the best experts of the country.


A day long event where teams have to pitch an idea and develop a business model for the same. Exciting prices always await at the other end.


An interactive training session offering innovative delivering models where participants gain hands on experience to establish vibrant communities.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

EAC was conducted by E-Cell, IIT Indore to spread the entrepreneurial awareness among the students.

Recent Events

"A Virtual Forum of Excogitation"

E-Cell, IIT Indore believes that �Entrepreneurship� is not only about building and growing companies, but a pathway to cultivate India�s socio-economic development. Our strong faith lies in fabricating students and faculties line-ofthought �entrepreneurial� in their daily moil.We also assist them to solve global challenges because we stand for the thought that �Students are the greatest capital� and aim to nurture them, also bestow them with opportunities in various forms like incubation; for their excellence.

A league organised by E-Cell IIT Indore in collaboration with StockGro to enhance and promote stock trading among students of IITI community.

League continued for 5 trading days of the week . Each participant needs to register in the league that is specifically organised for IITI community. Participants earning maximum profits get attractive rewards.

Welcome to the thrill of a live IPL auction! Have you ever wondered what would you do if you get a chance to build your own IPL team? If not, here is a chance to put yourself in the shoes of a bidder and build your dream IPL team that you always wanted to lift the coveted trophy. If you love cricket and if you have followed IPL, this event is a must for you.


  • Each team can have a maximum of 5 members
  • No member can be a part of more than one team. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification of both the teams
  • All the members should be present during both the rounds of the competition..
  • The decision of the judges will be final in case of any discrepancy.

  • E-Cells meetup 2020 is introduced in the form of disscussion session cum competition to make it more exciting.All the E-Cells present will be given an oportunity to showcase their E-Cell's working,culture, and contribution in building a motivated environment for young lads to think beyond the conventional career prospects solve amore significant problem of society through innovation and technology.

    Fantastically organised, filled with energy and passion, had an amazing time, Great work by IIT Indore to take the initiative of connecting all the universities entrepreneurial spirits tougher thought this energy powerhouse. Was totally a delight to judge the event. Amazing stuff happening!! Cheers

    -Kunal Chandramani

    Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Indore brings you Biz Qiz an online business quiz in association with Dare2Compete.

  • This quiz is open to all.
  • Each team can have 2 participants. A person cannot be a part of more than one team
  • All quizzes under Online Quizzing Festival Season 4 will be of 25 minutes and will cover questions from various domains
  • All decisions in matter of eligibility, authenticity & final judgement will be with Dare2Compete
  • Only one team per college will be awarded top 3 ranks for any quiz under Online Quizzing Festival Season 4
  • A team can only be part of the top 3 ranks in maximum 10 quizzes during Online Quizzing Festival Season 4. This is to ensure that we give chance to every team to win prizes

  • �Ideas are bulletproof�

    In this world and age, innovation is the name of the game. Ideas are everywhere yet few of them ever take shape and become something more. �Crazy Ideas� is an up and coming national event organized by the E-Cell IIT Indore, in an effort to promote both creative thinking and strategic planning from an early age. Targeted at high school students, we hope to bring out the entrepreneur in you and help you think how you could implement that in real life and monetize it � if only hypothetically. Your job is to come up with the craziest idea you can think of � it doesn�t have to be something that�s needed in today�s world, just something you feel makes this world crazier than it already is and could be somehow, if not now, in near future, be viable enough for implementation.


    The startup would be evaluated on 100 Mark , 90 Being in the hands of the professor. 10 Being based on the social influence of the person. As the entrepreneur need all-rounder skills. If Plagiarism is found , the participant would we straight away disqualified.
    The Registrations would begin from 5 February 2019 and will open till 16 February 23:59:59. The registration would also include the ideas at the same time.

    Samsung Innovation Award is organized annually by Samsung R&D Institute India � Bangalore. The event aims to identify , encourage and reward innovative ides and projects developed by student faculty teams at premier Institutes. This year Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Indore organized Samsung Innovation Award 2019 in IIT Indore.

    Upcoming Events

    We bring with us a forum of boundless learning, creativity, and innovation and provide a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow, to interact with and entrepreneurs & leaders to bring your idea closer to reality.

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