Student Entrepreneurship Support Cell

"Ideas are bulletproof"


“Crazy Ideas” is an up and coming national event organized by the SESC IIT Indore, in an effort to promote both creative thinking and strategic planning from an early age. Targeted at high school students, we hope to bring out the entrepreneur in you and help you think how you could implement that in real life.

for the participants

Your job is to come up with the craziest idea you can think of – it doesn’t have to be something that’s needed in today’s world, just something you feel makes this world crazier than it already is and could be somehow, if not now, in near future, be viable enough for implementation.
You can check out some examples here Just see this Pet Rock one!


Don't think too hard, just think of something crazy! See if that idea can have any chance in the real world, form a tentative road map and you are ready to go for Crazy Ideas!!

  • Prove the worth and sustainability of your crazy idea, by putting it on paper in the form of a business plan.

  • You’ll have our template at hand and you aren’t expected to do much more than fill it out!


The startup would be evaluated on 100 Mark:

  • 90 Being in the hands of the professor
  • 10 Being based on the social influence of the person, as the entrepreneurs need all-rounder skills.

  • If Plagiarism is found , the participant would be straight away disqualified.


  • The Registrations would begin from 5 February 2019 and will open till 16 February 23:59:59.
  • The registration form would also include the ideas at the same time.


  • The winners would be allowed to experience the E-Summit 2019 conducted by SESC, IIT Indore for Free!

  • The extra-ordinary ideas would get a chance to get funded by SESC, IIT Indore.

  • Many more prizes and goodies to be won.

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